Drugs, Code and ICOs: Monero’s Long Road to the Blockchain Mainstream

monero, riccardo

If monero was the top-performing cryptocurrency of 2016, don’t tell that to the blockchain project’s outspoken maintainer.

At a Club Med resort in Cancun, Mexico, Riccardo Spagni takes a pause from his general airing of grievances to order his second margarita. Armed with oversized shades and jovial blue shorts, he looks more ‘Jersey Shore’ than ‘Mr Robot’, a style you might not expect from someone whose claim to fame is offering privacy in drug market payments.

But, the impression that Spagni isn’t to be taken seriously is soon wiped away by his biting South African accent and razor-sharp quips, like the ones he directs largely at those who want to measure the success of monero by metrics like price.

Spagni told CoinDesk:

“I don’t care about the price increase, that shouldn’t be the thing that makes people interested. In terms of transactional growth, in new contributors, in transactions per day, those have far more meaning.”

If you really want to know monero is now the fifth-largest by market capitalization (and one of the fastest-growing by price in 2016), and it has been growing rapidly by the metrics Spagni cites (as well as other intangibles) as

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